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February 07, 2019

Usage Alerts & Audit Log Improvements

One of our most-requested features has been the ability to get an alert when your account usage exceeds a certain threshold. This week we made it happen! Upon navigating to Organization -> Profile, you'll see a "Usage Alert Amount" field. After setting this value, you'll receive an email alert anytime your monthly bill exceeds this threshold. This feature is great for being aware of your monthly billing, as well as safeguarding against excessive queries from too many clients, or compromised devices. You'll be instantly notified so that you can take action. Read here for more information: https://docs.dnsfilter.com/docs/profile

The Policy Audit Log also received an upgrade this week. From now on, any changes you make to your Scheduled Policies will also be tracked in the Audit Log. This is great for larger organizations who have several staff members that administer policy changes.

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