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February 28, 2019

32-bit Roaming Windows Client and New Domain Greylisting

Several of our MSP clients have been asking for a 32-bit version of the Windows agent for customers that they support. We are happy to announce that this version is available now for download! Simply navigate to the same page as the 64-bit agent and look for the italic link.

Our data science team has also been hard at work to improve the security side of our product. This week a new feature, "New Domain Greylisting" has been released into the dashboard. When you go to the Extra Settings tab of your policy, there is a new option to block new domains. Any domain registered in the last 30 days will now be blocked, allowing for a proving time before access is allowed. Many phishing and malware attempts run their course within a 30-day period, so blocking this category is a simple way to increase your network security.

We also completed the Swedish & Dutch translation of our block pages. Customers who use this locale in their browser will automatically now see information in their local language when attempting to visit a blocked page.

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