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November 20, 2020

🚚 Our Changelog Has Moved

Hi, we're so glad you found DNSFilter but our changelog has moved. Please explore our new changelog for the latest product releases, improvements, and bug fixes.

February 07, 2020

Global Policies Preview 🌎

Global policies are here! You can now start using this preview feature today. Convert your old policies to Global Policies by selecting β€œEnable this policy as Global Policy”:

Or, you can simply create a new Global Policy under your MSP dashboard.

Going forward, any policy you create under the dashboard will be a Global Policy. Policies created there will be available for assignment and will display in the policy list under each MSP organization.

This is just a preview of the new Global Policies feature that we’ll be refining over time. Tell us what you think as we continue to develop this feature.

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January 02, 2020

Per-user Filtering Preview

Per-user filtering is now released live as a preview feature. You can now create access policies for each user in your organization using the Windows roaming client.

When a user signs in, we'll begin filtering them based on the policy you have set for them. This feature is great for offices where your users switch between devices, or where multiple people share one device. You can tailor exactly what users are allowed to access based on what department they works in, or their level of seniority.

We plan to release an Active Directory integration in 2020, which will synchronize AD Users and Groups. You will be able to create a policy for a group of users and have it apply automatically, like when a new hire joins the sales department.

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