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January 03, 2019

Server Changes / Hebrew translation

We used the holiday break to beef up our server capacity for 2019, including upgrading our Syndney, Australia server and maintenance of our reporting database. The backend team also added support for LAN IP reporting, in anticipation of our upcoming LAN proxy. The frontend team was hard at work enhancing the robustness and uniformity of our dashboard.

The day after Christmas, we also added Hebrew support to our blocked pages. We use the browser's language setting to seamlessly display our block pages in a natural format. This means that in most cases, the change is automatic. We now have support for 11 languages in total! (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Italian, Russian, French, Czech, German and Hebrew)

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December 28, 2018

Policy Audit Log / SafeSearch Locking

We are excited to talk about two new dashboard enhancements which have just been released:

The Policy Audit Log can be found in the Tools section of the dashboard. This tool allows you to see the record of changes to your policies in the last 30 days, including who made the policy, the specific changes that were made, and when the changes occurred. This is especially useful if you have multiple account administrators, and wish to view a record of policy changes.

As part of our effort to assist you in moderating online content, we have provided the capability to lock down your filtering policies to only allow search engines that provide SafeSearch functionality. This new feature can be found on the SafeSearch tab of any of your filtering policies. Simply flip the switch for "Block all search engines not supporting SafeSearch"

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December 05, 2018

Windows Agent Version 1.2

User Agent v1.2 has now been released! This version improves error handling between the Windows Management Interface and the agent, and allows for forcing DNS-over-TLS connections.

Due to a limitation in Microsoft NCSI, some users previously experienced a yellow triangle above their network connection, which falsely reported "limited connectivity". We have utilized a fix provided by Microsoft to improve this behavior.

We are continuing to develop our Android, iOS, and MacOS agents as well, so that all major platforms can be supported in the New Year!

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